insurance fun

As a result of the accident, I will need to get braces.  I’ll have the fun of wearing them for about two years, according to two different orthodontists I’ve consulted with.  The truly painful, humbling part is dealing with the insurance questions associated with this though.

Let me start out by saying that I have excellent medical coverage, courtesy of my employer.  Through this whole adventure, I’ve had very little out of pocket medical expense.  That was pretty much limited to getting some over-the-counter medicine, and it’s totaled less than $200.  Keeping in mind that the total cost of the treatment I’ve received so far has been several hundred thousand dollars, that’s not bad at all.

But about that orthodontia … the coverage is not nearly as complete.  Left to my dental insurance, it would run us thousands of dollars out of pocket.  To my way of thinking, it’s all required as a result of the accident.  Prior to that, my bite was great. 

Apparently there’s a chance that my medical coverage will take care of it.  It sounds like a fair bit of work convincing them to do so, but worth the effort nonetheless.

Let me add that nobody I’ve spoken with in the orthodontists offices knows how to do this.  That’s surprising, since I find it hard to believe I’m the first accident victim they’ve dealt with.  But okay.

Also annoying is the conversation I had yesterday with an orthodontist we’ve worked with in the past for one of my daughters.  The good doctor granted me that there was a possibility that it might be covered under medical, but that I’d need to lay the money out and deal with the insurance company myself.  Great.

By the way none of this would pose a problem for me if the gentleman who ran me over had been insured.


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