I spent the morning with a Neuro-Ophthalmologist at the UW Medical Center.  They did field-of-vision tests, and ultrasounds on both eyes to determine the function of my optic nerves.  Their conclusion was disappointing, but not surprising.

I am very unlikely to regain vision in my left eye.  The ultrasound showing severe thinning on the left optic nerve, which is evidence of damage.  It was pretty clear that no messages were getting from ,my otherwise healthy left eye back into my brain. 

It was strange to me that I teared up when the doctor gave me the news.  I’d heard it before.  I guess somewhere deep inside, I’d harbored some hope, because I felt real disappointment. 

The doctor said that it’s possible that within 5-10 years there will be some sort of advance in stem cell research that would make me a candidate for a clinical trial.  All speculative though.

Fortunately I’m all for unabated stem cell research.  I know of three members of my immediate family who could benefit significantly from it – my mother and uncle (who have MS), and now me.


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