reflecting on recovery

So I’ve taken a few days off from blogging about the accident and my recovery.  I’d been feeling that my moping was feeling repetitive, and didn’t think much more moping needed to be public.

This evening I was typing a response to a very thoughtful and encouraging email sent by a friend from Rachel’s school community.  She suggested reading through old posts to be aware of my progress.  I think that some of the caring bridge stuff Kris wrote while I was still in the hospital would serve this purpose well.

Also a couple of weeks ago, a friend I run with sometimes sent me some statistics for the rate of recovery, as discerned from insurance information.  It revealed to me that only about 25% had recovered within a year.  After four years, we get to 90%.  I surmise that "recovered" means that people have no more claims against a particular malady after that time – so perhaps it doesn’t mean truly recovered, but it demonstrates that these things take time.

Every day I’ll get some sort of encouraging comment about my recovery from a colleague at work.  No one has to say anything – which makes it so nice that they think to.

Kris has been very supportive as I’ve moped.  She’s far more inclined to take proactive, positive action than to mope herself, but she’s remained very understanding throughout.

All of this illustrates just how fortunate I am.  I think that much of the reason my recovery has gone as well as it has is because of the amazing degree of support I’ve gotten from friends and family.  Intellectually I know that the ups and downs I’m feeling are very normal, and to be expected.  Unfortunately I don’t know of a way to avoid them, but I do have confidence that I don’t want the incident on the bike to define me, so I’m motivated to keep pushing myself farther along.  And supportive friends and family help a great deal.


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