race day!

As I type, Kris is just over a third of the way through the bike course of Ironman Arizona.  You can track her yourself by going to the "track an athlete" page on ironman.com.  Enter her name, click on "Kris Solem" and you’ll see what I can see.

So far, she’s doing what she’s set out to do.  Her times are what she was shooting for.  Here’s hoping things go well for her.

At home, things have gotten a bit exciting.  Both kids were sick last night – I got a shot at cleaning up several batches of vomit (woo-hoo!).  Kris might chuckle and say it’s only fair after what she had to put up with from me over the summer.  We maintained radio silence with Kris last night to let her get much-needed sleep before her 140.6 mile foray today.

Both kids are at home today, feeling cruddy.  We’re fine, as long as there’s not much in our stomachs :).

In any case, send your positive energy to Kris in Tempe today! 


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