the world is small

We went to an annual "day after thanksgiving" potluck at some friends yesterday.  Several times over I was reminded that the world is small.

Out hosts Rhonda and Brian did a very nice thing for us while I was in the ICU.  That was the week that our kids were appearing in a production of "Cinderella", and Brian took the time to videotape it so I could enjoy it later.  Tonight we got a chance to give our belated thanks to them.  While we were talking, Rhonda related that her trainer told her that their church had included me in their prayer circle around that time too.  We believe that someone I work with goes to this church, and had brought their thoughts of me to the crowd.  Later on in the evening, an acquaintance told me that he’d heard my story from someone we’d both worked with.

It’s definitely a small world.  While I’m still emotionally processing what’s happened to me, situations like this remind me of how fortunate I am.

There are a couple of other things happening now as well. 

Yesterday afternoon I registered to walk the Seattle Half Marathon on Sunday.  Having run the Seattle Half six times, and completed the full marathon once, I’m interested in seeing the race from the perspective of a walker (although I would rather run if I could).  Doing this event will help to demonstrate that my recovery is well underway, and that I’m capable of covering the distance as I could before the accident.

And this morning, Rachel appeared in her first Studio East Mainstage production.  It’s called "Twas the Night".  This is an annual holiday happening, and Kayla was in it two years ago.  It’s basically a light satire of the famous poem, and Rachel appears as a sugarplum and a toy.  Her older sister helped her prepare, and we met my parents at the theater.  I was very taken by seeing my daughter dancing onstage this morning.  It’s interesting contrasting the experience with Kayla too.  In any case, the show went very well, and there was applause all around.


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