out for a run

This morning I went for my first run since June 30th.  It wasn’t fast, but it felt great.  I took my doctor’s advice and mostly stayed on soft ground, and shuffled a bit to keep the impact per stride low.  It’s been a while, as evidenced by my low rate of speed.

Also – I did a weight workout yesterday after swimming, including 3 minute-long sets of squats.  So one thing that kept the impact lower for me today was the fact that my legs couldn’t move that quickly.  That part felt a bit tough, but aerobically I felt good.  That’s amazing to me after laying off for five months!

The route I chose was the one we often run from work.  I ran over the two short trails we like (Ardmore and Tam o’ Shanter).  It was cold and foggy out, but not so bad as to require gloves.  I parked my stuff in the locker room below an adjacent building, and then set out.

As I followed the familiar path, I started remembering previous runs.  This is where Ben went flying.  Here’s where I pancaked going over the bridge.  Ah – here’s where I splattered Rob with the mud that time, but over there’s where he got me back a year later my hitting me with blackberries.  And that’s the hill where we typically speed up towards the end of our runs.

I ended up running about 4 3/4 miles.  My legs are feeling tired, but I never lacked for breath when I was out there, which is testimony to the training I’ve been doing while recovering.  I might try to go out again tomorrow, but am not sure yet.

Everything grinds to a halt tomorrow at noon, because of some followup surgery I’m having.  It will likely be another month or two before I get to run again.  <sigh>

For now, I’ll just enjoy the afterglow of running through the chilly woods this morning.  Outstanding!


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