and back to the doctor …

This afternoon I go in for surgery.  The procedure tries to repair the hollowing just below my left temple that was a result of the cranioplasty (end of August), when the surgeon had to "borrow" tissue from there to serve as a substitute for some dura missing from area where the bone flap was removed during the craniectomy.

The timing sort of snuck up on me.  We needed to have the procedure approved by insurance, because it’s technically cosmetic.  So the doctor wrote a letter, and then we waited.  And suddenly it was approved.  Then I had to decide whether I was willing to take the last available slot this month, or wait another month.  And – the sooner the better, so here we go.

Not sure what to expect from this.  He will implant a prosthesis made out of something called "medcore", and will need to cut it to fit me just right (apparently this is preferable to developing a custom prosthesis).  I’m a bit nervous about getting the fit (and the look) correct, because he’d need to go back in if it isn’t.  And each time he opens me up, I will spend about a month recovering (and not running).

Wish me luck.  Actually, wish the doctor luck.

Because the surgery is scheduled for this afternoon, I’m enduring a long stretch of "can’t eat".  Waiting through the admitting process can be a bit of a drag too.  Mostly I’m ready to be done with all of this.  I was driving Kayla down to meet her carpool for school, and listening a song by zero 7 called "in the waiting line".  Felt very apt, although strictly speaking none of this is wasted time, it’s just that waiting is part of the whole process.  And part of recovery too.

In a few minutes I’m heading out for a run with Landy.  I figure if I need to lay off for a month or so, I need to fit another run in while I still can.  We’re going to run in Bridle Trails State Park, which is where we did our last run together, just before the accident.  It’ll be great to be out there again – despite the fresh layers of mud we’re bound to find.  Don’t know whether we’ll get a whole loop in, but any time running is gonna be worthwhile.


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