cranioplasty v2

So it turns out that one of the procedures I had done yesterday was also called a cranioplasty (as was its immediate predecessor).  The doctor did several things while in there.  He implanted a prothesis to eliminate a visible hollowing just below my left temple (a result of the previous cranioplasty),  He also cleaned up some of the scar tissue in my scalp, and filled in some visible creasing where the "bone flap" (a section of my skull that was removed, and then replaced) was.

Aside from getting off to a late start yesterday (around 4 instead of 1), things seemed to go well.  This was the first time I remember being wheeled into the OR while still awake.  It’s cold in there – good thing they gave me a heated blanket.

This was the third hospital on my tour.  Overall I’d rate it in the middle, although the food was actually not bad.

Today I’m definitely feeling a good bit of pain in my head, but aside from a bit of swelling, things look pretty good.  Sometime soon, I’ll post some before/after pictures.


2 responses to “cranioplasty v2

  • Matt

    I’m fascinated and happily surprised that you went in yesterday and a blogging about it today.Have you ever heard of designoplasty? Me neither, but it didn’t stop me from registering the domain. I thought it was clever in that it rhymed with rhinoplasty yet still indicated the idea of getting cosmetic work done on your website. But it wasn’t clever enough to use, and let’s face it, it’s barely clever enough to talk about here. In fact, why am I even talking about this? Where am I?

  • paul

    Designoplasty is the future – tell all the kids you know! At the very least it’ll make them steer clear of investment banking.

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