getting started on the holiday season

Each year we start the holidays by trimming the tree.  This year, we’re running a bit behind, but my parents started things by trimming their tree.  The kids helped them do this, and also helped set the lights up outside.

20081209-DSC_886920081209-DSC_8923 20081209-DSC_8880

Then  Kris and I joined them for dinner.  It was just the second time I’d been over since they’d returned from their trip to Israel and Egypt.  I’d forgotten how nice it is to spontaneously decide to get together for dinner.

20081209-DSC_8960 20081209-DSC_8928 20081209-DSC_8907

We also celebrated Rachel’s birthday as well.  My parents were cruising the Nile on the big day, so they had some catching up to do.  We had cake and scarily re-lighting candles, and then Rachel got to open up a couple of presents.

20081209-DSC_8957 20081209-DSC_8958 20081209-DSC_8973

What you’re no doubt wondering right now is "what’s with all of the hats?".  And – actually, I don’t know.  A good time was had by all though.  I for one, got to enjoy shooting with my 50mm f1.4 lens all night!


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