tree is trimmed, snow has fallen

Looks like Seattle will have a white (or at least very muddy) Christmas.  Yesterday everyone freaked out about a cold front that was supposed to come in, and the schools were all closed.  Early this morning, apparently Kris and Kayla both heard some wicked thunder.  When I got up to check, the schools were all closed and there was a fresh three or four inches of snow on the ground.  By about nine this morning, the kids were making us all suffer from cabin fever.  So we headed out and did some sledding.

Kayla lasted a short while before heading back home.  Rachel and I met some new friends and hung out with them for a while.  Several hours, and some hot chocolate later, we were nestling in at home again.

20081218-DSC_9317 20081218-DSC_9321 20081218-DSC_9341


The other achievement of these past few days has been assembly and trimming of the tree.  After years of resisting (actually disliking) artificial trees, we have one this year for the first time.  Kris was moved to this because the idea of supporting the Christmas tree industry is not consistent with our goals to live low-impact, environmentally-sensitive lives.  So she went out and found a nicely sized tree on Freecycle

The tree was not universally loved in our home.  Kayla spent the first several days complaining about it.  One problem with it is that it’s white, so it doesn’t look real. 

On the other hand, this is the first year in my memory that I haven’t had to schlep a nice, big, and expensive tree home, then set it up, only to have it sitting on our stand at a funny angle.  Yes – every year our tree has been crooked.

So although the tree looks a bit cheesy as compared to the aromatic firs we’ve had in the past, it doesn’t threaten the lives of those who wish to retrieve gifts from under it.  And that makes it worthwhile.

Also – the price was right.

20081214-DSC_9259 20081217-DSC_9273 20081217-DSC_9283 20081217-DSC_9287

As an aside, tomorrow marks two weeks since my cranioplasty surgery.  I’m pretty pleased with the results.  They’re not perfect, but have restored a mostly authentic shape to my head, and more symmetry to my browlines.  I think I’m done with surgery for a while now. 


I’m looking forward to working out on the elliptical trainer now – I have less than a week before I’ll need to climb Mount Si with friends to mark my birthday!


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