a run in the snow

This morning wasn’t a watershed moment of intelligence for me, but it was definitely a bit of fun.  Prompted by my improving health (finally shook that cold!), and an invitation last night from some fellow Eastside Runner folks, I decided to go out for a run along the East Lake Sammamish Trail this morning.

It was a bit colder than expected though.  Apparently when we started out, it was only six degrees (documented below by Hazel who took this picture in her car) :


By the time we passed a sign which blinked the temperature, it was all the way up to ten!  Then on the way back, we hit twelve.  This was the first time the temperature had ever doubled during one of my runs.  Of course, this was easily the coldest run of my life too.

It was tough going.  We were running in about 6 inches of snow, and the footing was occasionally dicey.  The good news for me is that snow is nice and soft, so the overall impact was pretty low.

This was also the first "group run" I’ve done since my bike accident back in July.  So, despite the difficult footing, and the brutal cold, I had a great time.


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