every picture tells a story

It’s been nearly six months and four trips to surgery since the bike accident.  It’s probably time to take a look at myself through the months.  I’m leaving out the pictures of me taken in the ICU – there’s little point in sharing them here.  You’re welcome to view them in this album if you’re interested.

Let’s start with me before the accident.  Rachel and I took this picture at a Seattle Mariners’ game a year to the day before the crash (July 1, 2007).


Now let’s fast forward fourteen months.  Now it’s August, nearly two months after the crash, when I’ve been wearing a kayaking helmet most everywhere, because of the Decompressive Craniectomy which saved my life.  The slope where the portion of my skull has been removed is very apparent, as is the asymmetry between my two eyes.


Now let’s look at me ten days after my first Cranioplasty, right after the bandages and sutures had been removed at the beginning of September.


Now let’s see me at the beginning of December, with several months of hair growth following the surgery.  There’s a visible indent on my left temple, owing to the fact that some tissue was borrowed from there to replace some dura tissue that was removed during the Decompressive Craniectomy.


Here’s a picture Kayla took of me today, two weeks after a second Cranioplasty, during which my doctor inserted a small prothesis near my left temple. 


In addition to the better symmetry across my head, the balance of my browline is a bit better.  No more surgery is planned for my head.

When I look at these pictures now, I’m really struck by the impact the accident has had on me physically.  I feel so very fortunate to be alive, to have my cognitive abilities, and to look pretty close to the way I did before. 


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