farewell 2008

It’s tempting to say "good riddance", because 2008 was a trying year for our family.  On the other hand, we’ve learned a lot from the experience.  I go back and forth about this a lot, but negativity doesn’t help anything, so in the end I try to focus on the lessons.

A couple of weeks ago at dinner, the question for everyone was "what was your favorite thing about this year?".  My answer was (and is) that I’ve been fortunate enough to learn how much love there is in my life.  Many people go their whole lives without learning how much others care about them.  Through my recovery, from the early days until now, I’ve been fortunate enough to have received a great deal of positive support.  It makes it much easier for me to focus on the opportunity I’ve been given.

This morning at the annual Club Northwest Resolution Run, we got to celebrate some friend’s upcoming baby.  Nina and Jon are folks that I’ve run with, and who stayed with me in the hospital.  Well – we took up a collection from ESR folks, and from Nina’s Running Group,  and got enough to get them a nice jogging stroller and some other things.  The weather wreaked havoc on four or five different secret plans to give them this gift.  It was a nice moment when we finally surprised them with the jogger.  A great way to kick off the new year.

I followed this with a nice 6 -miler around Bridle Trails State Park this afternoon.  Much (not all) of the snow is gone, so the mud is plentiful.  This is more typical Northwestern winter weather- 30s or 40s, rainy, gray.  Getting outside and running is a great way to combat any Seasonal Affective Disorder.

In any case, I’m ready for a Happy New Year.

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