another snow day ?

Rachel and I went to the Pacific Science Center today to see the "Lucy" exhibit.  When we headed home, the snow was coming down pretty heavily.  Back then it was about 35, but it’s cooled off now.  Might be another snow day tomorrow.

This is easily the most snow I’ve experienced in the Seattle area in fourteen years.  I’m supposed to hit a 7 am swim class tomorrow, then a run, and then to work.  We’ll see how that goes.  The bigger question is whether or not the kids will have school tomorrow. 

It’s the end of winter vacation (we think).  It was nice to have kept things lower key around Christmas.  Both Kris and I have wanted to dial it back a bit for a while, and between the weather and everything else that’s gone on, we had ample reason to do so.

Yesterday I wrapped up week two of running, since starting up again.  During the week, I visited some more spots I’d not been to in a long time.  Early in the week, I did a good run in Saint Edwards Park, up in Kenmore.  There was a bit of snow which made the footing iffy in spots, but it wasn’t too bad.  I ran the tougher hills in the park, and suffered as a result.  I have a ways to go before I can call myself "in shape" again.

The other runs this week were mostly along flat trails, other than a turn I took up Education Hill in Redmond on Wednesday.  I spent a bunch of time running with my ESR friends, which is always a pleasure.  Yesterday, I’d intended to start the club run early with several others, but I arrived a bit late so started down the East Lake Sammamish Trail alone.  After a mile or two, I ran into my friend Steve, who just happened to be out for a twenty-miler himself.  Steve had visited me in the hospital early on, and we’d exchanged some email recently.  It was great seeing and running with him.  We eventually joined up with a larger group, and I rounded a ten mile run out with them.  This was the longest run for me in six months.  My legs are still tired and achy, but I’m so happy I did this. 

All in all, this made for a 35 mile week for me.  I’m getting closer to my pre-accident goal of doing 40 per week, but may ease up a bit so as not to overtrain so early.  It’s difficult to balance myself as I ramp back up.  I feel like I need to cover miles now, no matter how slowly I’m running.  On the other hand, tired legs get ripe for injury – don’t want that.


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