days like these

I slogged through a tougher workout this morning in the pool.  I felt reasonably good for about half the workout, but from there things got hard.

I started out nicely.  The warmup was longer than usual (650 yards instead of 500), and included some drills and kicking.  Easy enough.  Then we were to do ten 100 yard repeats at 10 seconds (per 100) over our fastest pace.  Sounds easy enough too.  The trouble was I got tired after only four repeats.

The woman in the next lane over from me is usually about my pace.  Well, she started leaving me about a quarter pool length behind after about six repeats.  This got frustrating, because I’ve always prided myself on finishing strong.  I’m still figuring out how to pace myself well though, and this morning negative splits weren’t going to happen.

During my eighth repeat, I swam into the rope, nearly hooking my arm over it.  My breathing was off too.  No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t settle into a steady pace, even one that was slower.  That’s odd, because I knew I needed to slow down.  But something inside just made me want to push through it, even though I knew it wasn’t particularly smart.

Oh well.  On paper it was a good workout.  It didn’t feel good though, mostly because I was wasted about halfway through.  I ended up getting out of the pool before pulling the final 300 yards.  That’s pretty uncharacteristic for me – usually I’ll work through the tough spots however I can.  I simply felt too frustrated to go farther, so figured it was time to get out.  I did put in about 2050 yards, which is not bad.  But I didn’t like the way it all felt.  One of those days.

On Saturday, I ran about twelve miles out in the Redmond Watershed Preserve.  It was a pretty good run.  After doing about 3.5 miles, I did a practice 5k (give or take a little).  That was hard, and I didn’t feel particularly good doing it.  Whenever I try to pick the pace up, I feel my lungs exploding, and my legs getting weak.  All the more reason to keep trying!

The run felt pretty good overall.  I was solo, and enjoyed the "think time".  When I finished I was stretching by my car, when who runs past, but the woman who swam one lane over from me today.  We exchanged hellos, and they headed towards their cars.  I took the opportunity to wrap a towel around my waist to change into some dry clothes.  You know – like you’re having to change at the beach, right?  Well then imagine my embarrassment (and haste!) when the woman and her friends headed back by me, towards the trailhead.  I clumsily hoisted my sweats up, and tried to act nonchalant, as though I hadn’t just accidentally mooned them.

Come to think of it, maybe that’s why she was swimming so fast this morning. 


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