an ‘easy’ eighteen

My plan this weekend was to run eighteen miles.  Initially I’d planned to extend the Green River Marathon “warmup” run.  This would have meant doing another 2 miles, before or after.  The course wasn’t captivating to me, but a bunch of friends were doing the run, so I wanted to run with them.  At the last minute, Kris asked about riding with her good friend this morning.  It seemed fair, because I’d been able to do a bunch of group runs recently, while Kris has had to solo most of the time.  So then I figured I’d run the 18 in the Redmond Watershed during the afternoon instead. 

As the day progressed, I simply felt lazy about driving out to run.  So I decided to run from home, and head out for the watershed.  Most of the route is on trails too.  The downside is that much of the return trip ends up being uphill.  Then Kris suggested meeting them down in Redmond, where Rachel would be at a birthday party.  Score!

So I ran a counter-clockwise partial loop around Bridle Trails State Park.  Then I headed down the Bridlecrest Trail, and picked up the Sammamish River Trail.  About two and a quarter miles down the river trail, I veered off to the right and picked up the Powerline Trail to go over Education Hill.  There was a slight side trip in there (the trail behind Redmond High School), but eventually I crossed over Avondale, passed Farrel-McWhirter Park, and ran up surface streets a little way. 

Then the plan was to run the six miles back to meet Kris and Kayla before picking Rachel up.  But on the way up the Powerline Trail, just past Avondale, I ran into my friend Devon, who I used to run with back at Cal Poly.  I’d not seen Devon for a couple of years, and we spent a good while talking about all that’s been going on in our lives.

I really enjoyed our visit.  Devon is really nice, and also very thoughtful.  There’s also a lot going on for both of our families right now, so we traded stories.  We ended our run together sitting enjoying juice and water, waiting for our spouses to pick us up.

There’s something about losing yourself in conversation like this.  I could have run another few miles, and not noticed the time.  Losing myself while doing something I love makes the time well-spent.


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