20 miles … maybe more

Today I ran farther than I’d run since last June 28th, when I did the Bridle Trails 30K.  It felt great to be out there, especially with friends.  It definitely wasn’t a fast day though – going about 21 miles took just over 4 hours.  That counts a number of breaks along the way, as well as some harder hills and trail running.

We ran our friends Bob and Amy’s "Best of Bellevue" route.  Essentially what they did was string together as many current Eastside Runner routes, with the wealth of trails, urban and otherwise we have in this area.  I’m amazed at how imaginative the route is, given my own focus on grinding the distance out for my over 20 mile runs.  And about those hills …

It was a nice day to be out.  The weather was warmer than it’s been, above 50.  Dry too, which was unexpected.  We started out shortly after eight AM from Mercer Slough.  Then we headed down Coal Creek, crossing over to Cougar Mountain via the Coal Creek Trail.  Then it was a looooong uphill stretch going over Lakemont, and down under I-90.  Then we took a mishmash of urban trails until we accidentally ended up on the Glendale Country Club’s Golf Course.  We realized we were stuck after running about a half mile into it.  Then our friend Rod discovered a way out that saved us a sizeable amount of backtracking.  We scrabbled up a rocky hill, interspersed with water coming down around the rocks and downed trees.  Very exciting!

After that we made our way back towards the Slough.  Then I got my friend Sue and I a bit lost – we ended up tacking on about an extra mile then.  Unfortunately, we were both ready to be done.  I think Sue is still speaking to me :).

If push came to shove, I could have gone farther – perhaps another mile or two max.  This could mean that an April marathon is possible.  We’ll see.

Great morning though.  I covered the ground = albeit slowly, and never doubted that I’d do it.  That says something.


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