catching up … running and more

We’ve had some work done on our house, so have been away from it for about a week.  Pretty busy.

Caught a fun run this past Sunday with my friend Sue’s running group.  We combined with Eric’s group – which definitely paces faster (more on that in a minute).  This group is infamous for appearing on the front page of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer in November of 2006.  It was great to see everyone.  I’d not seen (or run with) Eric since last June (you can read a brief entry about that run here if curious). 

Anyway back to the run.  We went out more quickly than I’ve been running – right around an 8 minute per mile pace.  I was able to keep this up for perhaps 6-8 miles before the lead group opened up some distance.  By then I was pretty wrecked, but tried to keep it up for the whole 14 miles anyway.  I probably slowed down to about a 9 minute pace for a while, but tried to finish strong.  I didn’t feel strong, but according to the clock I was :).


We convened in the bagel shop for breakfast.  Much chaos ensued when I was challenged to demonstrate the little yoga I know, and did the crow pose in the middle of the shop.


Despite appearances, I’m not bending over and getting sick.  Really.

House stuff is bustling along (finally).  We’re pressing ahead with a kitchen and upstairs bathroom remodel.  It will be nice living in the house we want.  And provided we don’t overdo things, it’s a good time to remodel too.

Our family also got to spend some more time at the hospital this week.  My parents came back early from their trip to California because mom had a nasty infection on her leg.  It was cellulitis, and it was really good that she got prompt medical attention.  Apparently this can get very bad if left longer than a few days.  She’s doing well now, and expects to be back home tomorrow or Friday.  We’re definitely thinking about her.

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