a trip to the emergency room

My eldest daughter took a fall at a roller skating rink this afternoon.  She apparently fell onto her face.  As I was sitting there, I considered what to do.  On the one hand, I was pretty sure there wasn’t anything too serious about it.  I wasn’t completely sure though, and figured I couldn’t live with myself if anything was wrong.

So off we went to the emergency room.  This was the third time in two weeks I’d visited (once with my mom and her cellulitis, and then yesterday with a family friend who had turned her ankle).  I’m wondering if they have a "frequent emergency" punch card or something – I might have already earned a freebee.

We checked in, and then waited a few minutes.  After seeing two people with less-potentially scary injuries get called, I went to the person at the front desk and said "I’m probably just a nervous dad, but my daughter hit her head pretty good on the skating rink floor".  Two minutes later, they wheeled us in.  Several X-rays and a CT scan later, we were assured that she was okay.  The doctor posited that she did have a concussion, but said there were no broken bones or brain bleeding.

So now I feel about 99% sure that everything’s okay.  The other 1% will keep me up for a while.  I wonder if that will ever change.


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