tapering down

I’m going to run my first marathon in nine months this coming Saturday.   It is the Yakima River Canyon Marathon, a nice small point to point event about two hours east of here.  I have to say that I’m feeling nervous about it.  Probably more than I have since I ran my first one.  I look forward to getting this one out of the way, so I can get past a need to prove something.  I’m also a bit concerned about coming down with something, as a cold has made its way through the family, and there’s a nasty flu bug around too.  If I could simply sleep all week, to prevent sickness or injury I would.

My preparation has gone very well.  I ramped my mileage up nicely, and have introduced a bit of hill and speedwork.  I am trying not to set a personal time goal, but I have been feeling pretty strong nonetheless.  Who would ever have thought I’d be here eight months ago?

This is the thing I need to remember.  Race day is about showing off the quality of your preparation.  I’ve done two twenty-plus mile runs and have logged lots of other miles as well.  I’m tending towards 36-38 miles per week, about 6 per week more than before the accident.  My mindset is pretty solid too – recovery has given me good perspective on training.

Everything should be okay, provided I can stay calm :).


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