Kayla’s school does ‘culmination’ events at the end of each term.  This past Thursday we went in to see the culmination for term 2.  It was an extraordinary experience.


The evening started with the girls each performing a poem they’d written about themselves, in a room surrounded by self-portraits they’d drawn.  The portraits were all meticulously drawn, with lots of attention to the shading, and to the facial detail.  The poems were inspiring pieces of work.  All of them told a rather expository and in-depth story of each girl. 

20090326-DSC_0788 20090326-DSC_0792

The academic highlight may have been when the girls did “Grand Rounds”.  They’d each researched a medical issue, and then answered questions from a panel of doctors.

20090326-DSC_0838 20090326-DSC_0855

I was very proud of how Kayla did.  When we talk about it, she points out the things she doesn’t feel good about, but I’m having none of that.  The courage it takes to get up in front of people and do what she did is extraordinary.  She was wonderful, as were the others.


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