recovery and beyond

One question I keep asking myself is whether or not I’ve recovered from the bike accident.  It’s been nine and a half months now, and I’m back to doing the things that I love.  In a number of ways, I’m as "recovered" as I’m likely to get.  Mostly this is true in the physical sense. 

An aside : I still plan on regaining vision in my left eye – no idea how or when, but I’m going to see with it again someday!

In the emotional sense, many things are back to ‘normal’, although there are definitely some changes in me.  Claiming emotional recovery is harder.  There are some consequences to the accident that may never go away.  But it’s way early to say that I’m as recovered as I’m likely to get.  That will take much longer.

I was speaking with a school friend over the weekend about this.  A couple of years back, he was shot while out walking one night in downtown Seattle.  You can read a Seattle Times article about it. My friend is the one named "bystander".  He didn’t know the two guys who were fighting, but just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  While his injuries were not life-threatening, there are still some physical and emotional aspects to deal with.

He talked about how he didn’t want to "whine" about his injuries, but that some things still bothered him.  We agreed that in many respects, what happens to you becomes a part of you.  But that’s different than allowing it to define you. 

That is the important distinction for me. 

Throughout life we all accrue different experiences, some of them not so good.  It’s not possible to put every bad thing that’s ever happened to you behind.  They stay in your mind, influence decisions, and change you.  In my experience, the thing to do is to make the best of it all. 

I will never let what happened last July define me.  It’s just a part of me.


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