ramping for another marathon

I’m still feeling a high after completing the Yakima River Canyon Marathon a couple of weeks ago.  My hope is that I can focus more on running than on proving something about my recovery now.  Since running across the finish line in Selah a couple of Saturdays ago, I’ve felt really motivated to do another one.  Running a half last weekend didn’t seem to exercise this out of my system.

So I think I’m going to run the Tacoma City Marathon on May 3.  Like Yakima, this is another maniac event – sure to include lots of friends and great positive spirit.  My hope is that I’m able to complete six marathons over the next six months.  One month doesn’t seem like terribly more than normal – provided my expectations for each of these marathons aren’t too high.

The goal here is to increase my mileage, while increasing the quality of my workouts (speed and hills).  That will increase my strength and stamina, to ward off the big bad bonk that happened in during Yakima.  Also – one doesn’t run their best marathon once a month.  Many of these end up being training runs – with the focus on finishing rather than time.  Before the accident, I’d managed to run 4:24 (on trail), 3:58 three weeks later, and then 3:51 three weeks after that.  I don’t think I would have continued to speed up each time had I been able to continue doing one every three weeks.  Rather – this demonstrates the cyclical nature of marathoning.  I’d hoped to do one on fourth of July week of last year.  I think it would have been another slow one, particularly because I’d done a 30k the previous week.  I was booked to do the Light at the End of the Tunnel in August.  That one may have been faster, because it was all downhill :).

A couple of points here.  First – you have to have reasonable goals.  Second – it’s not about the time for me.  It’s really all about the process of running.  Being outside, facing the physical and mental challenge, and enjoying time with friends or quiet time by myself.  That’s exactly what I’m after.  Six marathon in six months is just one way of attaining the larger goal.

I’ve not really planned this out very well.  I’ll try to run Tacoma in May, Green River in June, and then I need to figure out what happens in July, August, and September. 

We’ll have to see whether this all happens though.  I’ve been fighting some bad foot pain lately – likely a Morton’s Neuroma.  So far, I’ve been able to run through the pain.

All for the sake of some innocent fun.


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