just like riding a bike

I got home from work yesterday, and had just put my stuff down, when my eldest daughter came up to me and asked "Dad – will you go for a bike ride with me?".

I paused to think about this.  I’d not ridden a bicycle since getting hit last July the 1st.  I’d been saying that I’d ride once the weather changed.  And it was a sunny seventy degrees yesterday evening.

So we went for a family bike ride.  Nothing long or arduous.  Went went around the block.  I felt pretty clumsy out there.  My shifting was awkward as I went uphill, and I felt nervous about how to see traffic approaching form the rear over my left shoulder.  I need to do this more before I feel comfortable.

On the other hand, it felt good to get on the bike again.  I’m riding the same Giant OCR3 that was in the accident.  It’s a good bike, and was a great buy when I found it nearly two years ago.  There are some flecks of orange paint on it, I presume from when the police outlined it after the crash.  The seat’s torn, and there are a couple of dings on the frame.

Part of me really wanted to ride in to work today.  It’s another seventy degree day.  Maybe we’ll get to go around the block a few times again when I get home.

Anyway – thanks Kayla for inviting me to ride.  You’ve done your dad a big favor, getting him out there again.


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