on recovery, from the marathon and more

I just added some pictures for the Tacoma City Marathon to my race report.  Check ’em out if you’re interested.

This week hasn’t been an easy one. 

Work’s been tough.  The company announced a bunch of layoffs on Tuesday.  While no jobs in our group were affected, this definitely cast a pall over things.  We’re also trying to get things in order for our current release, while kicking off some planning for the next one.  Not dull, and not entirely pleasant either.

Kayla has been sick all week.  On Sunday afternoon, she developed a fever, and demonstrated some signs of a viral infection (not H1N1).  It’s always tough when your kids aren’t feeling well, particularly when there are health concerns flying about.

The positive thing I’ve carried with me this week is the feeling that I can put the word ‘recovery’ behind me, with respect to the bike accident and my running.  As I’ve mentioned before, recovery of my whole person, physical and emotional, will take a long time.  But after running strong on Sunday, I no longer need to think about recovery in terms of my running.  This is a big milestone – and I’m very happy to have reached it.

There will always be good running days and not-so-good ones.  But it feels good to be able to put more of the accident behind me.

In terms of marathon recovery, things are going pretty well.  My legs are pretty tired, but that hasn’t kept me from running.  Against my better judgment, I ran with my friend Ben the day after the race.  I’ve always rested at least a day afterwards before, but between the tensions at work and the chance for good company, I couldn’t pass up the chance.  Today was the first day I tried anything other than a strict recovery pace.  I kicked hard for about a quarter mile towards the end of our run today.  Not impressive, but it felt good to stretch my legs a bit.

I’m trying to decide what my next race will be.  In keeping with my goal of 6 marathons in 6 months, I’m thinking about maybe doing the Capital City Marathon the weekend after next.  This isn’t ideal, because I have plans to go to the Mariners game the night before.  A free alternative is the Call of the Wild Marathon, essentially a maniac-organized event about four miles from home.  The course isn’t that exciting, and there appear to be fewer than ten people ‘signed up’ to run the marathon (there is also a 50k and a half marathon).  But you can’t beat the convenience, the cost, and the spirit of the event.  I’ll figure it out over the coming week.

In any case, things over the next month are going to be very busy on the event front.  Kris has a bunch planned as well (Tour de Cure, Call of the Wild Half Marathon, Issaquah Triathlon, and probably some others I’m forgetting). 


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