four marathons in nine weeks – couldn’t do it alone

Yesterday’s Green River Marathon run marked four marathons in nine weeks for me.  My stated goal has been to complete six marathons in six months.  This is really just a means to accomplish a training goal – to build my strength and stamina to the point that I can run better and faster.  And obviously, to have lots of fun doing it.

I’ve run several different kinds of races along the way.  Yakima River Canyon sits by itself – my goal there was to show myself that I could run a marathon following my recovery.  The Tacoma City Marathon was a real surprise – I’d no idea that I’d be able to run that fast so soon.  Call of the Wild was another surprise.  There – I felt strong throughout, and I was able to maintain a strong pace all the way.  During the Green River Marathon, the focus was on pacing Matt to his first marathon – a great experience I’ll remember for a long time.

In my writeup about the Green River Marathon, I focused a lot on the support Matt’s family gave us along the route (and during training I’m sure).  But I need to mention some great support I’ve gotten over my recent marathon spate.

Kris and the kids continue to make it possible for me to chase these dreams.  Without their logistical and emotional support, it just wouldn’t happen. 

When I ran Yakima River Canyon, my parents made the lengthy trip over the pass and were there to see me finish.  I don’t think I fully expressed my thanks to them at the time, possibly because of the tangled emotional state I was in, feeling like I needed to prove something to myself.  But it was truly wonderful of them to brave the weather over the pass, and endure a long trip home, all to spend literally about 30 seconds watching me labor across the finish.

And for all four of these races, my father has joined me.  In a number of ways, I’m surprised that he’s interested enough to come out.  After all, watching an endurance running event means a lot of standing around and waiting – punctuated by thirty seconds of action each time you see your runner.  That’s a huge boost for me each time I see him.  I can only hope he’s enjoying himself doing this – the positive vibe, the stories, and getting to know some of the people too.

All of these examples demonstrate that we usually don’t run alone.  Usually there are a number of folks in our lives who make the miles possible.


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