green river marathon pictures, and more

I’ve added some pictures to the Green River Marathon race report.  My intrepid father was out on the course with us, as was Stefanie (Matt’s wife, who also ran with us for the last 10k or so).  One of the course photographers has posted his pictures from the race as well.  They’re a lot of fun, and help to tell the story of the race for us.

I’m feeling very good about this race, primarily because it reminded me of some of the big reasons I love running.

First – it’s all about enjoying the process, not just running to the finish.  A marathon is a long time to be out there, so you’re best off enjoying yourself.  We have good days, and not-so-good ones – so it’s important to remember that’s it’s supposed to be fun.

Second – it’s definitely fulfilling to share the experience with others.  I’d run a first marathon twice before, once for myself, the second time with Kris.  Most recently ten years ago.  This was a great reminder of how much you pour your heart into the process. 

In some ways, I felt like I was running another first marathon a couple of months back while doing the Yakima River Canyon Marathon (being my first post-recovery 26.2 race).  But a lot of that was about trying to prove something to myself.  This one was about enjoying the miles.

I am very impressed with the way Matt ran his race.  With a steep training ramp, and a maximum training run of 18 miles, he made it happen.  Watching his family and friends rally around him was very special too.

I’m hoping to do another marathon tomorrow morning.  This would mark five in just ten weeks.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel Marathon is being held with a course changed because of a partial collapse of the tunnel.  Rather than being a certified all downhill course, we’re going out and back, half up, half down.  I’m not sure of the ascent on the course, but it’s pretty clear that I’m not going to set any speed records out there.  It should be a nice training day, in line with my expectations for running marathons in quick succession.


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