seattle pride, watching and marching

This past Sunday, I took my daughters to the Seattle Pride Parade.  I’d always been interested in attending Pride.  It’s a great chance to show support for equal rights for all.

The girls took to the equality issue right away, and loved carrying the rainbow flag.



The parade was fun, albeit a bit long for us.  The beginning with "Dykes on Bikes" was LOUD.

 20090628-IMG_0868 20090628-IMG_0870

There were many groups represented, many we’d heard of, and some we’d not.  For the most part, the day was all about equal rights and fairness.  The girls and I talked about the folks representing marriage equality and parental rights.  We also spoke about how things have changed over the years – even within my lifetime.  And we also spoke about how important it was to express support for equal rights, especially because their Uncle Matthew and Uncle Patrick deserve the same legal protection and rights as we do.


Not all of the people in the parade were "kid appropriate", but that was a chance I knew I was taking.  I could explain the nude roller bladers with body paint, but there were a few others I skirted explaining.

From my perspective, the point of taking the girls out there was to show them that not only is it okay to be gay, it’s important that we treat them fairly.  We spoke about how gay couples face challenges in the medical rights realm.  I explained to them that if Kris and I had been a gay couple, the doctors would not necessarily have asked Kris for permission to operate on my brain bleed following my accident last year.  Instead they would have asked my parents, or made their own decision about it.  This despite the fact that Kris and I have talked quite a bit about how we each wish to handle medical life/death questions.  We trust each other to make the decision that the other would want made.  This level of trust is the basis for all kinds of love, independent of whether you’re gay or straight.

And love is what binds people and families together, independent of whether you’re gay or straight.

After watching much of the parade go by, we got to join in and march with the Unitarian-Universalists, including people from our church.  We’d not coordinated with my parents, but were very pleased to join them as we all marched together.  All in all, a good day, with some great learning experiences.

 20090628-IMG_0925 20090628-IMG_0930


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