getting ready to run again

I’m in Portland Oregon, for tomorrow’s Foot Traffic Flat Marathon, on Sauvie Island.  I’m nestled in my motel room, about to turn in for a very early wakeup call.

It’s very warm here, and is supposed to approach 90 tomorrow.  Theoretically, it will be ‘only’ 80 around the time I finish, but even that’s higher than I’m used to running long in.

The course is out on a nature preserve, and is supposed to have many eagles and other wildlife.  That sounds very nice.  It’s flat too, which means I just need to focus on holding a steady pace, and finishing strong.

Since our trip to Minnesota and Wisconsin in late June, I’ve been feeling a bit more tired.  I suspect that the miles and marathons I’ve been doing are catching up.  I did do some speedwork midweek too (4 repeats of 3:45 fast – roughly 800 meters or a bit more).  This may not have been the wisest choice, but I’ve found that pushing myself a bit helps to get the rusty feeling out.  Anyway – we’ll see how it all works.

This will make six marathons in about three months.  That’s more than I’ve done in the past.  Part of me wanted to try this to establish that I’ve recovered "with a vengeance".  It’s also been a lot of fun.  My plan was to up my mileage, and try running more marathons than usual for a while.  Not so much for time as to build my stamina and strength so I could be confident about running hard in the late miles.  It’s worked well.  I’ve also gotten to run some very nice, small events close to home.  Getting to know more of the folks in our Seattle-area running community, and from the Marathon Maniacs has been a real pleasure.  And I still can’t believe that my father has made it to each of these events with me.  He’s in his room here as well, ready to head out to the race early tomorrow.  Spending this time with him has been very nice.

It’s probably time to gear things back a bit though.  Kris has Ironman Canada coming up, and that really needs to take center stage in our house over the next two months.  I may still try to do a marathon a month, but we’ll see how tomorrow goes and take it from there.

Wish me luck tomorrow.  Most important is that it’s fun !


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