summertime, and overtraining is easy

For the past several weeks, I’ve been feeling a bit run down while working out.  It’s not surprising, since I’ve been doing more miles than I used to, and racing far more often as well.  On the other hand, my body should be used to the higher running volume by now.  This morning though, I felt really tired, and my throat was a bit scratchy.  I might have overdone it once too many times.

Last week when we were at family camp, I was working out about 2-3 hours per day.  This includes biking, running, and some swimming. 

I actually went out on the bike five consecutive days, which is something I’d never done.  I’d bike between one and two hours, usually going between 16 and 19 mph and covering between 16 and 30 miles.  There were a fair number of hills involved too.  I felt very good about my effort, but by the end of the week I was dragging a bit.

Running was a bit different.  The week prior to camp, I’d taken some days off to recover from some leg pain along my lower left quad, down into my calf.  In fact, this was the first week all year that I’d not run at least 30 miles (my per-week averages were around 38 in the preceding month).  Essentially I kept the running to recovery pace all week.  Nice and easy, letting my mind wander.

I went 12 straight days without a real rest day.  Then I took this past Saturday off, but ran up Mount Si the day after.  After that, my legs hurt most of the week – a sign that some rest is probably in order.  Easier said than done when I’m wanting to be outside, enjoying the sunshine.

I’m wanting to do an August marathon.  Right now, the leading candidate is the Pacific Crest Traill Fat Ass – a free 28 mile run up near Snoqualmie Pass.  Hopefully I’ll shake off whatever crud I’m fighting in time to enjoy the run.  I’m a bit nervous about how well I’ll hold up, particularly on the hills, but there’s no better place to try, than close to home.

Footnote to the biking I’m doing is that I’m thinking about doing an Olympic Distance Tri before the summer’s out, in addition to the marathons.  I’m confident I’m able to complete one, but want to make it fun too (which requires prep and training).  August is going to be a very busy time for us, between Kris’ Ironman Canada training (and the race too), some family visits, and lots of work – not sure the triathlon thing will happen.  Would be fun though … hmmmm .


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