last minute injuries stink

We’re up in Penticton, British Columbia, on the shores of Lake Skaha,  The original plan was that we would be here to support Kris as she competed in Ironman Canada (IMC).  This was to be her second Ironman distance triathlon, that it would not be interrupted by bike crashes, or anything else.  Not to be, unfortunately.

Several weeks back, Kris began experiencing lots of pain in her left calf.  It seemed to be more like muscle pain.  She got some deep tissue work done on it, which made it feel a bit worse.  She also continued training on it too.  Given the timing of the injury, relative to IMC, I can definitely understand doing this.  It actually started just prior to her final long bike and run workouts – she ultimately did at least one half marathon in pain, trying to leave herself in position to compete.  After seeing a couple of doctors, she was diagnosed with a stress fracture in her left tibia two days ago.

She’s a really focused and pragmatic person, and claims that the trips a lot easier, now that she’s not worried about competing.  She’s spoken with the organizers of IMC, and has gotten permission to defer her registration until next year (good to have the option).  It’s nice to be up in BC to cheer our friends on, to see a part of Canada we’ve not seen, and visit with some folks we’ve not seen for a while.  But it’s really tough to pour your heart into something like this for a period of months, and then have to stop at the last minute.


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