our family trip to b.c.

We spent much of this past week up in Penticton, British Columbia.  Originally, we were going to cheer Kris on, as she competed in the Ironman Canada event.  Because of stress fracture sustained late in her training, the trip was simply a family vacation.

Although it wasn’t what we’d originally planned, it was nice.  We drove up to Penticton from Seattle last Thursday, braving a seven hour drive.  Despite me causing a slight panic about running out of gas, just over Blewitt Pass, the ride was fairly uneventful.  Other than the occasional change in mood from the wildlife in the back seat, things went pretty smoothly.

20090827-IMG_1103 20090827-IMG_1104

Once arriving at the palatial Waterfront Inn, near the shore of Lake Skaha, we unpacked, and tried to figure out why KK’s teeth illuminated.  It remains a mystery.


We spent part of Saturday visiting one of the few operating steam engines in Canada, the Kettle Valley Railroad, north of Lake Okanagan.  The girls spent time with their new friend from Toronto, doing a scavenger hunt for objects along the railway, while Kris and I simply enjoyed the beautiful weather and the views.


20090829-DSC_4829 20090829-DSC_4832 20090829-DSC_4834 20090829-DSC_4945 20090829-IMG_1122

A banjo player walked up and down the cars, playing tunes and singing with the crowd.  It was nice, low key fun.


20090829-IMG_1115 20090829-DSC_4858

We came to a turnaround, where we got to get out and explore the train and its surroundings a bit.


20090829-DSC_4906 20090829-DSC_4911 20090829-DSC_4925 20090829-DSC_4927

Sunday was the day of the big event.  A number of good friends and training buddies of Kris’ were racing, including several doing their first Ironman distance event.  The energy surrounding this was amazing.  Rachel and I had walked around town the night before, enjoying a nice little street fair, and some great sushi.  She delivered a great bit of wisdom over dinner that night, which I will not soon forget.  She said "you know – sometimes you just can’t get enough of what you have".  And this is something we all forget sometimes.  All the more reason to listen to the seven and a half year-olds of the world more often.  They’re wise.

Kris got up early on race morning, and watched the swim event.  She and my friend Bob tell me that the sea of arms pumping strokes through the water was amazing to watch.  A bit scary too, because of the barely contained chaos.



I watched the pros, and some of the athletes make their way past the fourth mile of the bike course.  They make it look very easy, especially considering that they’d just swam 2.4 miles in less than an hour (some were under 50 minutes).


After doing a run and taking a swim, the girls and I headed up to watch the athletes where the bike and run courses met.  The amazing thing about this was seeing the leaders hit mile 22 in the run, even as many people were making their way through the last miles of the bike course.

20090830-DSC_5204 20090830-DSC_5234

Seeing our friends smiling through the miles, knowing they were working hard but enjoying themselves, was definitely inspiring. 


20090830-DSC_509120090830-DSC_5102 20090830-DSC_5209 20090830-DSC_5259

It was inspiring enough to make me consider whether I should sign up to try this next year.  Common sense took over, and I figured I’d be better off trying some less extreme triathlons first.  Still, it was amazing to watch people push themselves to big goals like this.

Side note – I’ve posted pictures of the pros and our friends doing Ironman Canada to our photo-sharing site.  The pictures are available to people for their personal use.

The final day we spent with some friends we’d met at the Eliot Institute several years back.  Carol and Keely live in Kelowna, about an hour north of Penticton.  They drove down to spend the day visiting, swimming, and enjoying some Thai food with us.


20090831-IMG_1145 20090831-IMG_1146 20090831-IMG_1158 20090831-IMG_1164 20090831-IMG_1169 20090831-IMG_1174

Significant to me this week was that I marked the year anniversary of my skull bone being replaced.  This was the beginning of a very significant period of recovery for me.  Life is indeed what we make it, even when we don’t always control everything that happens to us. 

And sometimes, you just can’t get enough of what you have.


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