getting ready to ride for MS

Tomorrow Kayla and I will ride 22 miles to raise money for the MS Society.  This has been a ride I’ve wanted to do for a number of years.  And it’s very fitting that I get to do it with the kid who got me back on my bike following my bike accident last year.

Martin005 20090603-IMG_0059

This endeavor with Kayla has been fun.  As our kids grow and become more independent, devoting energies to things we both believe in (such as supporting research to prevent and treat MS, and human services for people living with it) is a great gift of time.

Our training has been a bit light.  I can’t always convince Kayla to get out and ride, in order to prepare for the miles.  It’ll be fine, although might go a bit more slowly than it could have.  But it’s supposed to be a beautiful day – up near 80.  As we ride we’ll be thinking about my mother and uncle, who both live with MS.  They’ve faced this challenge with grace and courage, and given us a great example as a result.  It isn’t so much what circumstances we encounter in life, as how we respond to them.  That’s what helps us define ourselves.

It’s not too late to give to the cause.

Kayla’s fundraising page :

And mine :


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