shoulder surgery for kris

One of the things Kris has chosen to do during her ‘down time’ owing to Overtraining Syndrome, is to have surgery to repair the clavicle she’d broken/separated in a bicycle accident about four years ago.  Apparently her collarbone was protruding up into her trapezius muscle, causing some pain.  So, this week she went in for the surgery.

20091105-IMG_1582 20091105-IMG_1584 20091105-IMG_1588

The procedure was pretty interesting.  The doctor pulled the end of her clavicle out from the trapezuis, lopped off the end of the bone, and fastened it down using part of a hamstring from a cadaver (thank you organ/tissue donors!).

The surgery was pretty straightforward, taking about 90 minutes.  She was awake an hour later, and we went home soon after.

She weaned herself from the narcotic pain meds a day later (she’s tougher than I am), and aside from being pretty wiped out, is feeling some benefit from the decreased muscle tension already.

She’ll need to take it very easy on her shoulder for about a month, while the new tendon grows into the clavicle, and she heals.  No driving for a while.  No swimming for a couple of months.  No running for several weeks.

I’m thinking that we need to begin asking for a family discount on medical care.


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