rachel’s birthday

Today our youngest daughter Rachel turns 8 – at precisely 1:59 Pacific.  She’s an amazing kid – very bright, and good-hearted.  She’s been very helpful in getting things ready for the celebrations at home to mark this big occasion.

Here’s one of the first pictures taken of her, resting just ten minutes after being born.



Here’s a picture of Rachel enjoying her cake on her first birthday.  She gave mixed reviews to the ice cream that went with the cake – wrinkling her nose in a very amusing way.


Below, she’s marking her second birthday with a special pie, and blowing the candles out with her sister.

 DSCN8218 800x599

Here, she’s sharing her third birthday with both sets of grandparents – G&G Solem came in from Florida to celebrate with us!


Below, Rachel and Kayla appreciate the special egg that Rachel Carson, our good friend Inge chicken laid in honor of Rachel’s fourth birthday.

inge's chicken rachel carson laid a special birthday egg for our rachel

Here Rachel plays with one of her presents on her fifth birthday.  She’s playing with a doll and some of its furniture here, while we celebrate at Grandma Susan and Grandpa Hal’s.  She also had a party with friends on the famous Dizzy’s Tumblebus.


Below is one of my favorite pictures of the kids together, taken shortly after Rachel’s sixth birthday, in honor of the holidays.


Below we mark Rachel’s seventh birthday with a party at a nearby climbing gym.  She and her friends had a great time scaling the walls!  Here she pauses to look down at how far she’s climbed.



This morning, we marked the occasion with a round of birthday pancakes, and are planning a small celebration at home.  A special day, for a very special kid!  Below is a picture of Rachel taken recently on a nice hike on Cougar Mountain.  She’s protecting a slug – a typical expression of caring from her.



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