a proud father

One of the lessons I’ve learned as a father is that very little goes strictly according to plan with kids.  As we often conveniently forget as adults, there are twists and turns each day that take things in some unexpected directions.  This can be good, and sometimes not so good, but it’s never dull.

This holiday season, both kids are performing in seasonal productions with local children’s theater companies.  If you asked me whether I could have foreseen their interest in theater, my honest answer would have been no.  But they seem to know their own hearts, and certainly have their own interests, and these things have taken them to the stage.


There are a number of things people can be concerned about with respect to the performing arts and kids.  There can be pressure from parents and from theater folks.  It can be a glorified beauty pageant, with all of the negatives associated with those things.


On the other hand, being part of a play can teach you poise and teamwork.  You can hone your creative skills.  And because you wish to do well, you can learn to work hard and devote yourself to something larger than yourself.  I like to think that this is what the kids have done.  Both of them have performed in a number of kids productions and have attended numerous theater camps as well.  I don’t know whether their hearts will remain in the theater, but do appreciate some of the things they’ve learned from doing this.


Best of all it’s mostly fun.  And that’s the most important thing.


2 responses to “a proud father

  • Gilman

    Not to mention a very compelling venue for pictures. You know…I bet that 105mm DC lens I showed you could be an asset…just kidding.Kids look like they’re really enjoying themselves!


    This is when I wish we all lived nearer to each other. I wish I could have seen their productons. They certainly do look like they are having fun!!! And they seem to be growing up very quickly. My love to you and yours,Chris.

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