harborview visit reflections

We did another visit to the Neuro ICU last night.  This time, my parents joined my brother Matthew and I.  We wanted to catch the folks on the night shift (7pm-7am), and weren’t able to do this the other evening.



Another good visit.  We got to connect with several of the nurses who spent lots of time with me those first days.  One had apparently booted my family out of the room once.  Apparently I appeared to be straining ("storming" was the term used) to participate as well – which was difficult for me while in the coma.  She was direct, very clear about the reasoning (I needed to rest), and polite.  I’d heard the story before, illustrating how well the folks in the ICU looked after me.

I also learned that I was named "Gusto" in the ICU – something I’d not heard before.  Before I had too much of a chance to flatter myself into thinking that this name had anything to do with me personally, my mom told me that was owing to me being the seventh unidentified patient of the day on July 1st – aka "Patient G".  The process of identifying me was a bit interesting – you can read about it here if interested.

It was a privilege to get to meet them, and to offer my gratitude for a job well done.  I brought along another copy of my letter as well as some additional pictures from recovery, showing them the changes apparent from first few days in the ICU, pre-cranioplasty, and then at home.

Part of the reason I wanted to make these visits is that connecting with these people helps me work through the gradual emotional healing.  It helps me to speak to them, and also forces lots of things into perspective for me too.

Another amazing set of conversations for me.  And lots to be thankful for.

added photo on 12/31


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