no running for a while

Several weeks back, I was finishing up a run at work.  I’d done a fast quarter mile to cap it, and was cooling down with an easy jog.  And my foot suddenly hurt – badly.

I’ve been running long enough to recognize a simple ache or pain, and this didn’t feel like one of those.  I rested up for a couple of days, then tried to do an easy trail run.  I was fine for about three miles, and then I needed to walk.  The following week I had an X Ray, which showed no fracture.  So I was encouraged that it was probably related to a longstanding Morton’s Neuroma that I’ve had in that same foot.  So encouraged in fact that I logged a 31 mile week.  The pain was pretty constant, often starting when I’d run two or three miles.  At the advice of my podiatrist, I wore a metatarsal dome, which forced some separation between my toes.  This usually helps with neuromas.

Weekend before last I set out to do a 12 miler in the Redmond Watershed.  The first few miles felt fine.  I took things very easy, and focused on a low stride to limit the impact on my feet.  Three miles in, the pain started again.  I toughed it out for the full 12, against my better judgment, but knew I needed to get a tighter diagnosis on the foot.

I went in for an MRI this week, and they told me that I indeed did have a neuroma, and I also had a "stress reaction" in the foot.  This is essentially a precursor to the more serious stress fracture (although some sites equate the two conditions).  In any case – no running for at least six or eight weeks.  Very frustrating.

I spent several workouts on the elliptical trainer, and while it works and seems pretty safe for my foot – it’s not nearly as much fun as running.  Being outside amongst the trees is where it’s at for me.  Running alone and getting some nice quiet time, or running with friends and sharing time and stories is preferred.

With this in mind, I walked the 4 1/2 miles to work on Friday.  I headed out along the west and south sides of Bridle Trails State Park.  It was warm for January and wasn’t raining, definitely a good morning to be out there. 

On the way, I passed a Redmond Police car watching the intersection.  I shouted out "thanks for keeping us safe!" – as I started doing a couple of years back.  The officer responded "thanks for saying so", and we both did a double-take.  It was the officer that handled the call for my bike accident.  I took the opportunity to tell him about progress on SB 5838, and thank him again for the way he’d followed up with us after the accident.  This minute-long visit made the whole morning for me.

In any case, I’m going to have to look for ways to get out and walk or bike.  I’ll see the doctors again this week, and will get more guidance from them.


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