opting out

I have not written here in the past month.  This is the longest I’ve gone in nearly two years.  We’ve had a bunch going on recently.  Work’s been very busy, and there’s been a lot going on at home too.

I’d found that writing was a great method to force perspective on things.  If you write something to share with others, it’s good to expend some modicum of careful thought as to why it might be interesting or pertinent to them.  This has been especially helpful in the ongoing course of recovery from my cycling accident in 2008.  I’m not a huge believer in writing an ‘open diary’, but have found there’s been value to me and sometimes others in talking about the process of physical and emotional recovery – and in sharing some of my running stories as well.  When things became kind of crazy recently, I found myself unsure of what to write about.  So I took a break.

Through some of this, I’ve also struggled a bit with motivation with respect to running.  I’d set a goal to run a spring marathon, and looked at a some training ramps for different races, between May and June.  Lots of options – this is peak marathon season.  The weather is in between hot and cold in much of the country, perfect for a nice run. 

The most aggressive ramp was for tomorrow’s Tacoma City Marathon.  It was to be the 2010 Marathon Maniac Reunion Event, and was also a very good event for me last year.  I ramped my long runs very quickly, having taken much of January and February off, due to a stress reaction in my left foot.  In successive weekends at the beginning of March, I did long runs of 10, 13, 15, 18, 15, then 23 miles.  I knew I’d be able to complete the run, but was unsure of how strong I’d feel, or how much fun I’d have.  And with everything else going on, my energy and ambition waned a bit.  So I backed out.  Instead, I’ll do another long training run tomorrow, and try for another event later in the month.

Mixed feelings to say the least.  I hate the feeling of ‘giving up’.  But when I decided to opt out today, I felt pretty good about it.  I can focus on some things that are more important, and give myself some time to feel stronger.  Coming off of 11 marathons in less than 9 months, this feels different.  In the spirit of living intentionally, it makes lots of sense though.  Focus on the things you feel good about.

Tomorrow’s training run will be interesting.  I imagine I’ll think lots about my friends running this weekend in Tacoma, Eugene, Vancouver, or doing the Sunflower Iron Event

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