recent adventures

This past weekend I’d decided not to run the Tacoma City Marathon, instead choosing to do another long training run to prepare for a marathon later this month.  As expected, I have conflicting feelings.  It made sense in a number of ways.  I didn’t feel ‘ready’, and didn’t think the event would be too much fun.  I was pretty sure I’d be able to finish, but didn’t see much point in trying to prove that to myself.

Instead I ran 25 miles from home, making it out to the Redmond Watershed before heading back. In a practical sense, I might as well have driven down and taken advantage of the course support I’d paid to use in Tacoma.  Didn’t feel motivated, so ended up going solo.  Looks like it was a great day for some good friends running in Tacoma, Eugene, and out in the Methow Valley (at the new Sunflower trail marathon).  There were some PRs, some excellent first time finishes, BQs, and some good times in general.  Always great to enjoy when friends do well.

I had an odd adventure Monday.  While getting out of my car, heading in for a swim, I hit my head on an overhang.  It was over on my left side, where I don’t see.  There was no blood, but I did smack it pretty hard, on the side where my fractures and craniotomy were (following the cycling accident in July of 2008).  I couldn’t decide whether or not to be concerned about it.  Probably owing to the long run on Sunday, and not getting as much sleep as I needed, I was already feeling a bit woozy.  I decided to head in for  the swim, to see how I felt.  After about 1200 yards, with some timed work, I climbed out.  I wasn’t feeling like myself – still a bit woozy, and a little bit nauseas.  Annoyingly, I couldn’t gauge whether I was feeling that way because I’d bonked my head, or whether to attribute it to being rundown from the 25 mile run on Sunday (dehydration can make you feel nauseas).  The thing that really bugged me was not knowing whether it might simply be anxiety – not knowing whether to worry about it or not.

According to the ER doctor, my skull is less structurally sound than before, near the site of the fractures and the craniotomy.  Unfortunate fact.  Got it checked out, and things were fine.,  Definitely interesting to experience things like this – weighing whether I’m thinking or worrying about my past injuries too much, against simply exercising good common sense.

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