happy birthday rachel

Today our youngest daughter turns nine.  Hard to believe.  I’m sure other parents experience this – there’s a part of me that still sees her as our “little one”, even though she’s nearly as tall as her mom, and growing more every day.

Rachel as she spent most of her first two days on earth, swaddled and sleeping.Kayla is one proud big sister.

The pictures above was taken just after she joined us here.  I’ve always loved both of these. 

A big birthday smile, from behind the plate.

Here she enjoys some cake and ice cream on her first birthday.  She enjoyed the cake, but seemed pretty puzzled by the cold stuff.  She’s over that now.


We celebrated her second at home, with a quiet little party.


When she turned three (shown on her fingers), we had the opportunity to celebrate with both sets of grandparents.  My parents had just moved up from California, and Kris’ parents joined us the week before Thanksgiving.


She sat in just about the same spot for her fourth birthday.


Contrary to the way it looks, she did not celebrate her fifth birthday with a nice cabernet.  We promise that it was just juice.

20071122-DSC_0061 - capturenx

The picture above, taken just a week after Rachel turned six, shows the contemplative person we know.  By now, she’d begun to read up a storm.



These two pictures, taken just about the time she turned seven, show her active and playful side.  First, she climbs up a wall at a local climbing gym.  Then she gives me a big smile to show me where her teeth had just come out.


Above, Rachel celebrates her eighth, and a couple of weeks later she appears as the mechanical toy solider in a wonderful local production of the classic “The Velveteen Rabbit” – a great story for both kids and adults. 



And above is our Rachel now.  First she gives us her great smile while we were out at Pike Place Market showing some family from back east around this past July.  The next two were taken just a couple of days ago, when we again celebrated with a climbing party.

Look at her focus as she ascends the wall.  This strength and determination is the kid we know.  One thing about looking at pictures like these is that we get to reflect on their subject, and appreciate who they are, and how they’ve grown.

Happy Birthday Rach’ – we love you so very much!


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