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redmond watershed 12 (actually more like 6) hour event


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When I did this event last spring, I had a lot of fun cheering on friends completing their first 50 mile runs, while running just over 50k myself.  So much fun that I’d wanted to complete 50 miles myself this year.  One small problem is that in order to do something like that, you typically need to train for it.  I didn’t, so called things good at just over 50k again this year.  Maybe next year?

In the weeks leading up to this event, I’d traveled about 17,000 miles – having to get a bit creative about when I’d run.  It was fun, but really wasn’t the most disciplined approach.  So on that day in mid-May, when I awaited the start of the 12 hour event, I wasn’t quite sure what I would do, nor what to expect from it.

I thought about just trying for 50, perhaps walking most of it.  But even if I could have pulled that off, it would have meant not seeing my daughter off for prom.  Definitely didn’t want to miss that.  So I decided I’d call it a 50k instead.  Since my training ramp had been marginal at best, I decided I’d use walk breaks (starting with one minute per mile) from the start.

With this flimsy plan, I embarked on the 2013 Redmond Watershed 12 Hour Event.  Completing my planned 32.25 miles would mean doing six loops around the preserve, each with a short 3/4 mile loop near the south parking lot.

I took things slow the first time around, walking a minute for each mile my GPS recorded.  The day was a bit overcast, in contrast to last year’s sunny warm day.  That was fine with me though, cooler is better for running long.  The second and third loops were the same – slow and steady with walk breaks.

By the time I started the fourth loop, I’d talked myself out of maybe trying to do forty.  I was getting tired, and my left foot was hurting pretty badly (neuroma pain).  By then it was about simply clicking off the planned 32.25 and heading home.  I was solo after mile 12 or so, so this really did feel more like a training run.

Loops five and six were not so much fun.  The pain and fatigue were weighing enough on me that I was really just counting down to getting home.  I don’t like doing that, but in this case sort of felt like I’d gotten what I’d trained for – not enough focus or structure yields poor results.

Still – by the clock things were not so bad.  I crossed the end of loop six in about 5:47 – nearly an hour faster than last year’s effort (same distance, same course).

charts and graphs for running geeks

Not much story here-  just kept my head down and kept moving.  Didn’t pay much attention to pacing or trying to negative split.


Note to readers – I usually like to publish each race report immediately after completing an event.  Time constraints being what they’ve been for the past moth or so, it didn’t happen.  – pcd 19 June 2013